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To ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements while also providing proactive, timely and accurate dissemination of information to the investment community, including as it relates to the Company’s financial and operating performance and strategic direction, the Company has developed the following policies to govern its external and internal communications: (i) Disclosure Controls and Procedures Policy, (ii) Guidelines for Corporate Communications and Continuous Disclosure Policy, and (iii) Shareholders Communications Policy.

Under these policies, major announcements and regulatory filings will require input and review from the Disclosure Committee composed of the President of the Company, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer, Head of the Legal Department, Head of Internal Audit, Head of Human Resources, a Senior Manager from Financial Compliance Department, Investor Relations Officer, and representatives each from the Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s Legal Department, Financial Compliance Department, and Investor Relations Department, with input from external legal counsels where relevant.

Non-regulatory disclosures, including Public Relations and other Corporate Communications announcements and internal communication, will also generally include review of Legal, Investor Relations and Finance departments to ensure consistency with regulatory filings and general communication with the investment community.

The Company’s key modes of communications are the regulatory filings, investor meetings, investor presentation and conferences, general corporate communications (e.g., Public Relations communications) and press releases.

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